'Doggie Paradise' - Rose Bay, Sydney

Glicee limited edition original prints
By Alexandra Ware – Xela Creative Studio

Alexandra Ware (Xela) is a New Zealand born artist with a love and appreciation for the outdoors and travelling. Now residing in Sydney, she is using her skill-set to focus on her own landscape and cityscape artworks to celebrate the beauty of nature.

‘Doggie Paradise’ is the first work of her Australian landscape series, continued on form her stylistic approach applied to the New Zealand landscape series she began as a way to help Kiwis you couldn’t get home during the pandemic have a piece of home away from home.

The work celebrates the poplar beach of Rose Bay, Sydney that is often filled with happy, active dogs and their humans. Her landscapes are consistently depicted with funky colours and laid, curvaceous shapes to stand out from the generic and realistic blues, greens and yellows that are so common with landscape artworks.

Prints Available

Size Price Edition
A3 $225.00 1 of 50
A2 $275.00 1 of 30
A1 $395.00 1 of 10
A0 $575.00 1 of 10
Commissions available on request
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