A. Bring in the piece that you would like to frame and, if it is important that your artwork fits into a specific environment, then bring along a photo to provide the context. We will suggest several designs, give you lots of advice, and then we’ll work out a quote. It will be entirely up to you whether to go ahead or not. If you decide to go ahead, we will require a 50% deposit and a two-week turnaround period is generally needed. We will phone you when it is ready for collection. We love what we do and really want you to enjoy the whole creative process as well.
A. Yes, we do every type of framing there is, from basic blockmounting to more demanding full conservation framing.
A. Yes, we do. We pride ourselves on being very conscious that most people have some sort of budget in mind. We have such extensive framing capabilities that we are able to show you the widest possible range of designs for your budget.
A. Yes, we do. We are happy to make local deliveries without charge if it is difficult for a client to pick up. When deliveries are outside of the local area, however, we will need to make a nominal charge.
A. Yes, we do. We are happy for clients to arrange a home consultation if they are trying to get a coherent look with their artwork, have made renovations, or need a photo-wall done. We will refund our minimal service fee of $60 for this if you go ahead with the project with us.
A. Yes, we do and we offer two types of framing methods at different budget levels. We offer the full conservation method of lacing, which is slightly more expensive, but we also offer the more basic stretch and staple method.
A. There is limited parking on the street immediately outside of the shop but we are happy to come to you at the kerb for a rapid drop-off, after which you can easily find local parking and return to the shop at your convenience.
A. The quick answer is that acid-free framing doesn’t last forever and, eventually, the backing and matting deteriorate. With conservation framing, the only things that come into contact with your artwork are neutral cotton-based products, wheat starch connecting hinges, and coreflute backings, all of which are designed to provide permanent conservation.
A. Yes, we do. In fact, we pride ourselves on being specialists in this department. If you like, we will guide you through the different methods and materials available for all levels of conservation framing.
A. Although we can offer this, we usually try to steer clients away from standard non-reflecting glass because it tends to reduce the sharpness of the image. More positively, we will be happy to show you other anti-reflection products now on the market that can give your artwork a fantastic result. In fact, some of them are so effective that you can hardly tell that there is any glass at all!
A. Yes, we do and this can be done at all levels of conservation quality, ranging from football jerseys, bats, swimming costumes, balls, medals, and almost any kind of object.